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Surviving Spouse Corner

     I have been appointed the new Surviving Spouse Liaison and am glad to be of service to our Council’s surviving spouses. Our surviving spouses are as much of our Council and chapters and MOAA as their former spouses. They have had to endure the trials and tribulations of being a military (active duty or reserve duty) spouse: frequent moves, raising children alone and frequent absences due to their spouse’s military service, etc. It is important that ALL military members and spouses ensure the sponsor’s military records are accurate and up to date; ID cards can be obtained from the ID Card Section of any military installation, active, reserve or National Guard in your areas, and this also means DEERs information. Many of our spouses are now in their senior years and often live alone. I encourage all of our chapter members to contact a Surviving Spouse near you and offer to bring them to a meeting, perhaps keep an eye on them.

    Every chapter should have a Surviving Spouse Liaison to provide some assistance as necessary. It is important to remember that the Surviving Spouse Liaison is resource and conduit for information and to point you in the right direction. Ohio is fortunate that all counties are mandated to provide assistance to Veterans and widows. Contact your local County Veterans Service Office for assistance.

    MOAA has a Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter to help with Surviving Spouse issues. The Virtual Chapter can be accessible by going to the MOAA website: www-moaa.org.

    The military has always been a close knit community whose slogan is “we take care of our own.”

January 2021
LT Florence M. Hosler, Former USN

Last Updated: January 4th, 2021