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From the Council/Chapter 


Ohio Council of Chapters Board: Pictured above Left to Right: LTC Rod Hosler, 1st Vice President; Col Dick Calta, President; LtGen Atkins, MOAA President and CEO; MGEN Hahn, 3rd Vice President; CAPT Echt, 2nd Vice President, LTC Smetana, Secretary/Treasurer Ohio's 2016 Level of Excellence 5-Star winners. Pictured above Left to Right: Col Dick Calta, USAF, Ohio Council of Chapters, LTC Gary Williams, USA, Mahoning and Shenango Chapter, LTC Ron Smetana, USA, Ohio Western Reserve Chapter, LtGen Dana Atkins, MOAA President and CEO, CAPT Steve Drefahl, USN, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, and CAPT Bill Tate, USN, Central Ohio Chapter
January 2018

The Ohio Council of Chapters enjoyed a very successful 2017, and look forward to even greater opportunities and successes this year. Remembering that our focus is to support our nation’s active duty, veterans, family members, and communities, each chapter and the council stayed active. For example, in April we joined with National MOAA in Storming The Hill. We visited each office of Ohio’s two senators and 16 representatives, wherein we presented MOAA’s position on Sequestration and the “Widow’s Tax.” In nation-wide MOAA excellence competition, we earned 5 five-Star Levels of Excellence, 2 five-Star and 6 4-Star Col Marvin J. Harris Communications Awards – nothing but the best of the best! We were active in numerous state legislative matters affecting our military population, and endorsed the formation of the National Veterans Memorial & Museum in Columbus. The biennial statewide convention that was hosted by the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter was second to none! We were honored that both LtGen Dana Atkins, President and CEO of MOAA and COL Terri Coles, Senior Director of MOAA Council and Chapter Affairs participated with us.

As we look forward to 2018, we have a few new names on our council roster. Col John McCoy has stepped down from his duties, LtCol Victor Wilson has assumed duties as our Legislative Liaison; CAPT Bill Keller is our representative to the Ohio Department of Veterans Services. We are delighted that Col Pete Wilkinson has been selected as a 3-year member on the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame board; a first for the Ohio Council of Chapters. We will Storm The Hill in earnest again in April. In addition to all the other programs and activities we have, we are anxious to participate in MOAA’s regional training in Chicago for our presidents, and membership and legislative officers. This will help us hone our skills even more.

We are excited about 2018 and what it brings. We encourage everyone to stay involved at the chapter and council level; we welcome volunteers! I agree completely with the MOAA motto:

Never Stop Serving
Dick Calta
Colonel, USAF, Retired
President, Ohio Council of Chapters.

2018 OWRC Board Members (Left to Right) Ron Smetana, President; Don Bratton, 1st VP; Will Handrich, 2nd VP;

Dave Riegler, Treasurer; Bart Oldenburg, Secretary; Tom Harnden, Trustee; Dan Hahn, Trustee; Brad Harvey, Trustee

February 2018

Greetings from the Ohio Western Reserve Chapter (OWRC)

We are an engaged military officer community with members residing in 8 counties including: Holmes, Lorain, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Warren & Wayne. We currently hail from five of the seven eligible service components.

Chapter leadership revolves around a program of presidential chair succession. That is we look for leaders and start them at the 3rd VP level and serve for 2 year terms at each up through President. New members are encouraged to become 1 year trustee for the first foray in the council. We, in this manner, inject new blood and ideas. Currently two newer members have become engaged in 1) Legislative Affairs and 2) Membership engagement. Whether it is a "Jesse Tree" format for tele-outreach to our more senior members to ensure they remain in contact and acknowledged, or, to a telephone-tree system offering rides to meetings.

For 2018, OWRC-MOAA has submitted a request for the MOAA Military Family Initiative Community Outreach grant. We will apply these funds toward resources for the of the Military Veterans Resource Center.

Our meetings, for 2 months a year are Saturday lunches, we then transition to evening programs for several months. In the summer, we look forward to a picnic, a minor league baseball game- usually with fireworks (The Akron Rubber Ducks are an AA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians), an August Steak and Corn Roast on a weekend afternoon. Two highlights of each year are the Spring ROTC/JROTC Recognition Banquet and the Winter Holiday Dinner/Cookie Exchange in December.

OWRC maintains relationships with three (3) ROTC programs (Army at the University of Akron and Kent State University (KSU), and, Air Force at KSU). Additionally we counsel with six (6) JRTOC programs at area high schools.

A vital component of OWRC’s mission is legislative contact. OWRC maintains Federal legislative contacts with Mr. Bob Gibbs (R, OH-7) and Mr. James Renacci (R, OH-16). On the state level, we have Senator Frank LaRose (Hudson) and Senate President Larry Obhof (Medina). All have presented at our meetings in the past two years. For 2017-18, invited guests are Representatives Gibbs (October 2017) and Renacci (March 2018).

Ron Smetana
LTC, USA, Retired
President, OWRC.

March 2018

From the Chaplain

For the month of March I am sharing two synopsis of articles regarding chaplaincy.

The first article is titled; VHA Chaplaincy Contact with Veterans at Increased Risk of Suicide.

VHA Chaplains share that veterans who present with an increased risk of suicide are identified based on personal conversations with the chaplain or red flags in their treatment file. Statistics show that present day and former military personnel account for approximately 18% of all suicide deaths in the United States. This equals more than 18 to 22 veterans that die each day by suicide.

As a matter of policy, spiritual and pastoral care services are to be included in all veteran health care visits. Chaplaincy services are available to all, regardless of whether they may be religious or not. This interaction brings chaplains into contact with many at risk veterans. A lot of vets seek out chaplains not just for spiritual and religious support but also mental health assistance. As chaplains conduct spiritual and emotional assessments of veterans, they are able to tap into mental health issues. Talking with the chaplain about mental health may be seen by veterans as less threatening, with less stigmatization. Also, the chaplain providing spiritual and emotional care is thought to enhance spiritual well-being, a factor in lessening suicide risk. A more in-depth look into why veterans seek out chaplain support instead of, or in addition to other behavioral health care providers may help to improve future suicide prevention efforts.

The second article is titled, A preliminary study examining chaplains’ support for veterans at the end of life. This article briefly discusses how chaplains are able to provide emotional and spiritual support to veterans during end-of-life care; helping them to find hope and meaning in the face of serious illness, suffering and dying.

Chaplains that participated in this study identified four areas as most significant for ill or dying veterans.
     • Loss of dignity
     • Inconsequential life or not having a legacy
     • Fear of burdensomeness
     • Fear of pain

Similar to the first article, study findings can be used to provide better services to veterans experiencing end of life concerns. Future recommendations discuss chaplains as members of an inter-disciplinary team that can collaborate with clinical service providers to create a better approach toward end-of-life care for veterans.

Kopacz, MD, PhD, Mark, Janet M. McCarten, PhD, and Michael J. Pollitt, DMin, BCC. “VHA Chaplaincy Contact with Veterans at Increased Risk of Suicide.” Southern Medical Journal 107, no. 10 (October 2014). Accessed March 21, 2018. https://sma.org/smj-home/.

Kopacz, MD, PhD, Mark, Bruce D Feldstein, Cecille Allman Asekoff, Maurice S Kaprow, Rebecca Smith-Coggins, and April L Connery. “A preliminary study examining chaplains' support for veterans at the end of life.” International Journal of Palliative Nursing 22, no. 6 (2016). www.magonlinelibrary.com.

Phyllis Plear
Maj, USAF, Retired

April 2018

Hello from MSVC

     For the past year we have been meeting for lunch during the winter months, we've also had a number of wonderful speakers that have covered topics from local history to weather forecasting and have had great turnout for those meetings. Variety of  meeting times and topics has met the needs and interest of our members.

     The success of the State Convention also galvanized our membership and helped renew interest in the mission of MOAA. Members appreciate the legislative work of the association as well as the ability to participate at the grassroots level. The results are evident in recent legislation.

Florence M. Hosler, Pres. MSVC-MOAA
LT, USN, (Former)

May 2018

From the Legislative Director

     Greetings! It is my great privilege to have been appointed as the Legislative Director for the MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters. Since I have not met most of you, I thought I would give you a short bio about myself. I am currently a Lieutenant in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) detailed to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Cincinnati, where I work as a Research Engineer. I studied Industrial Engineering in graduate school at the University of Cincinnati, worked at Rittal Corporation in Springfield, OH, and was a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I have two daughters - one is a Junior at St. Olaf in Minnesota and the other just started hiking the Appalachian Trail and will start as a Freshman at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana in the Fall of 2018. My wife is an ‘Air Force Brat’ and my father-in-law is a retired Air Force Colonel and pilot who currently lives in Beavercreek, OH.

     I have been working with a team of USPHS officers on several Ohio legislative issues over the last several years focusing on ensuring parity for USPHS Officers with other Uniformed Services members in Ohio Legislation. This work has put me in contact with our former MOAA Legislative Director, Col John McCoy, Ohio Representatives Perales and Butler; and necessitated testifying to the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee. Also, I have worked to encourage fellow USPHS Officers to support our efforts by writing to our Ohio Representatives. I really look forward to using these experiences and gaining new skills in representing all MOAA members in the future.

     As I start my time as Legislative Director, here are several current Ohio legislative items that may be of particular interest to MOAA members in Ohio:

HB 158: For spouses of active duty military to receive unemployment compensation if they have to quit to accompany military spouse for PCS.
Status: As of April 7, 2018, this legislation has passed the Ohio House and is currently with the Senate Finance Committee.
To Do: If you have a chance, please consider thanking Representatives Perales (rep73@ohiohouse.gov) and Craig (rep26@ohiohouse.gov) for taking the initiative to sponsor this legislation. Also of high importance is to encourage Senate Finance Chair - Scott Oelslager (oelslager@ohiosenate.gov) not only to put this bill on the Senate Finance Committee agenda but also to vote on an amendment that would include all Uniformed Services members.

HB 351: Requires municipalities to tax exempt active-duty pay of NOAA and USPHS officers (to bring parity with other Uniformed Services members)
Status: This bill passed the Ohio House of Representatives in March 2018 and is currently with the Senate Finance Committee.
To Do: You are encouraged to contact the Senate Finance Chair - Scott Oelslager (oelslager@ohiosenate.gov) to put this bill on the Senate Finance Committee agenda and also to contact your own Ohio Senator (http://ohiosenate.gov/members/senate-district-map) to vote in favor of this legislation.

HB 123: To modify short term, small, and mortgage rates
Status: Currently with the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. Originally, we were asked to support this proposal as it affects Veterans. However, changes in the wording make it unclear whether MOAA should ultimately support the legislation. We will continue to monitor the situation and wording to make recommendations as to whether this legislation would truly benefit MOAA members.

National MOAA Update: There are several goals MOAA is recommending in the national legislative arena. Many of them likely affect you and other MOAA members, please take the time to read up and follow through on these issues: http://www.moaa.org/2018Goals/

Very Respectfully,

LT Bryan Beamer, USPHS

June 2018
Military Officers Association of America
P. O. Box 12
Fairborn, OH 45324-0012

    <-- In January 2018 the Dayton Area Chapter (DAC) Luncheon Speaker was Colonel Chad McGarry. Colonel Chad McGarry is the 178th Operations Group Commander and is stationed at the Springfield Air National Guard Base in Springfield, Ohio. He described the on-going, real-time operations at the Springfield AB.

     --> Brigadier Gen. Rufus Smith USA (ret.) was the DAC’s February Luncheon speaker. He is the Ohio State Chair of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). He explained the mission of the ESGR and how it works. The ESGR is a volunteer organization that is always looking for help with the sometimes sticky issues that arise between employers and the deploying Guard and Reserve forces.

     <-- The February luncheon was also the setting for an award given by General Smith to the 445th Public Affairs officer Lt Col Cynthia Harris for her efforts in support of the ESGR.

     --> Central State University Army ROTC Professor of Military Science (PMS), Lieutenant Colonel (Colonel Selectee) Reginald Bryant, and 4 cadets of the Marauder Battalion were our speaker and guests at our March luncheon. All 4 cadets were asked to stand, one at each table, and tell us a bit about themselves. Then, after lunch Lt Col Bryant described today’s Army ROTC program that supplies most of the 2nd Lieutenants to both active duty and reserve forces. This luncheon was sponsored in part by USAA who gave a stipend to the Battalion. The picture shows the 4 cadets and Lt Col Bryant holding the USAA check that was just presented.

     The April DAC activity was to the Wright State University Theater to see the most entertaining production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. After the show members gathered for a fellowship meal at a local restaurant.

     The Dayton Area Chapter (DAC) activity for May was a visit to the Packard Museum in downtown Dayton. After the information packed tour 25 of the members had a social lunch at the Dublin Pub. A great afternoon in Dayton.

     The remaining activities for the year will be: in June a visit to Hawthorne Hill (The Wright Brother’s family Dayton home) to be followed by a fellowship luncheon; in July an outing to see the Dayton Dragons play baseball; in August the annual DAC picnic at WPAFB Bass Lake lodge (where we will present a check to the high school scholarship winner); in September the DAC will support the Air Force Marathon by manning the information booth; in October the DAC will have a luncheon speaker from MOAA National; in November will have our annual luncheon for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program (where we will provide our donation check); and in December we will have our annual Xmas party.

     In the spring and summer months the DAC golf league plays weekly (weather permitting). Funds that are collected are donated to the local WPAFB USO at the annual golf banquet.

     <-- The Dayton Chapter is very proud of its relationships with the College ROTC units at Wright State University, the University of Dayton and Central State University, but also from Cedarville, Wittenberg, Wilberforce and Urbana Universities, for both the Air Force and Army. During April, MOAA members represented our chapter and attended four ROTC Awards Ceremonies. During these ceremonies, we provided forty-two graduating cadets their first set of 2/LT bars and a Certificate of Achievement. And for one Junior Cadet at each ROTC Detachment, we presented a MOAA Medal and Certificates for academic achievements and a high potential for military leadership

     --> We also support the citizenship program offered at many local high schools hosting an Army, AF, Navy or Marine Corps Junior ROTC program in our community. Currently, it's thirteen schools, located in Bellbrook, Dayton, Englewood, Fairborn, Greenville, Huber Heights, Lebanon, New Carlisle, Riverside, Springboro, and Springfield. Future units may include new JROTC programs in Beavercreek and in Xenia high schools. Engaged in the many in-classroom and extra-curricular activities offered through their JROTC participation, some cadets are truly standouts as admirable young women and men. We get to honor a student yearly, by presenting a DAC MOAA Certificate of Recognition with ribbon and medal.

     Other activities included the DAC monthly support to the WPAFB Fisher Houses (both with household items as well as an annual donation). This includes support to the new Fisher House that is being built at the Dayton VA center.

Michael Ondrasek
Col, USAF, Retired

July 2018

Greetings from Cincinnati, Queen City of the West. We can’t believe a year has passed since we provided our last article for this website. For the fourth year in a row our chapter received the highest award for chapter excellence, the 5 Star Level of Excellence Award for 2017. Chapter member CWO3 Kym Mader received the 5 Star Colonel Marvin J. Harris Communications Award for her work on the Council’s website.

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter continues to be an active partner in the DoD’s Vietnam War Commemoration Program (established in 2008 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act). At events throughout our area, we continue to recognize, thank and honor our veterans who served on active duty during the Vietnam War Period November 1, 1955 - May 15, 1975 regardless of location.

At our March luncheon, we hosted midshipmen from Miami University Navy ROTC, and cadets from Western Brown High School Army JROTC and Little Miami High School Air Force JROTC. The Chapter supports eight local JROTC units and five ROTC programs. We present medal and certificate sets to all of them.

Miami University NROTC. L to R: MIDN Engel, MIDN Haynes, CAPT Drefahl, MIDN Taylor

Our June luncheon speaker was Major Rusty Mardis, USA (Ret) of the Tristate Veterans Community Alliance. Rusty spoke about his military service and the work of TVCA to improve the lives of veterans in our community. The TVCA was established in 2014, has over 150 partners (businesses, non-profits, government organizations) and has become the go to organization for veterans in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Greater Cincinnati Chapter’s September dinner will feature MG John Harris, Jr. Assistant Adjutant General, Ohio National Guard and Commander, Army Ohio National Guard. Local National Guard unit officers will be invited to attend.

We will continue our tradition of joining in camaraderie by holding a Dining Out on November 10, 2018. MOAA members and their guest(s) from other chapters are invited. So please consider attending.

Some of the guests at the 2017 Dining Out, Center Rear is our Guest of Honor Congressman (OH-2) COL Brad Wenstrup, DPM, USAR, Iraqi War Veteran

Did you know that Cincinnati was among the New York Times’ 52 places to go in 2018? It will be even better in 2019! We look forward to seeing you all on September 20-22, 2019 at the State Convention at the Quality Inn Cincinnati, 5901 Pfeiffer Road, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242.

Steve Drefahl                                   Alan Echt
CAPT, USN, Retired        and        CAPT, USPHS, Active

August 2018

Greetings from the Greater Cleveland Chapter

The Greater Cleveland Chapter continues to enjoy our beautiful Northeast Ohio summer weather. Memorial Day weekend the Chapter placed flays on veteran’s graves in the Beechwood Cemetery, a small cemetery on Cleveland’s east side. This is a first for the Chapter and we hope to continue in the future. On Tuesday, July 24th chapter members, spouses, family members and friends participated in our annual MOAA Cleveland Indians Baseball outing. Our beloved Indians baseball team hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates. The all-inclusive ticket price included “All You Can Eat” with a wide range of menu options to choose from. In keeping with the baseball theme chapter members also plan on attending a Lake County Captains baseball game when they host the Bowling Green Hot Rods on Sunday, September 2nd at Classic Park, which is the Captains home field. The Captains program is very family friendly and was selected specifically to be attractive to younger members of the Chapter.

The Cleveland Chapter will end August on a high note when we host our annual Chapter picnic on Sunday, August 19th at a charmingly quaint neighborhood park overlooking Lake Erie. Our annual picnic is always well attended with everyone having a great time in this idyllic setting.

Although regular indoor monthly chapter meetings are suspended during the summer months the Chapter executive board has continued to keep very busy meeting at least once a month. The executive board among other chapter business has been putting the finishing touches on our 2018 guest speaker schedule. Our next chapter meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th. It will focus on a sensitive subject which has become a greater concern for both active and former military and their families…suicide. We are planning speakers from the active sector, US Coast Guard 9th District, and veterans’ affairs, Louis Stokes VA Center.

Cary Weatherhead

September 2018

This article is specific to military retirees. If you are active duty and looking for more information on FEDVIP, please read this article.

You've probably heard TRICARE's Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) will cease coverage Dec. 31. You might have heard you will not be automatically enrolled in a new dental plan. However, if you were covered under TRDP, you are eligible to enroll in dental coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

If you have TRDP and wish to maintain dental coverage in 2019, you must take action between Nov. 12 and Dec. 10. That four-week window from November to December, known as Open Season, gives you the opportunity to enroll in the dental plan that will meet your needs in 2019. Are you ready for Open Season? Here's one place to start.

Additionally, retirees and their families who are currently covered by a TRICARE health plan are eligible to enroll in vision coverage through FEDVIP.

Visit the BENEFEDSwebsite to explore your options for selecting dental and vision plans. MOAA recommends you start researching the numerous options for dental and vision plans you can enroll in during Open Season. Don't miss this opportunity to start deciding what will benefit you in 2019!

The BENEFEDS website is easy to navigate and provides a plethora of information on each plan. Below the welcome message, there are three links to help you decide where to go next. I'd recommend starting with Retirees. Click the Learn More option then the blue View Full Article option. On this subpage you can find information on the dental changes, a new vision option, preparation tips, and enrollment information.

By clicking this link “Compare current 2018 plans and rates” (link also available on the BENEFEDS site under the How to prepare section), you'll have access to the FEDVIP Plan Comparison Tool.

You'll open FEDVIP Plan Comparison Tool, which is a blue box under the subheading of the same name, and select which program type you want to compare (dental or vision), enter your zip code (yes, just like TRDP - where you live determines premium structure), and how frequently you intend to make payments.

Test Comparisons

In my test, I found that a retiree, with a spouse, in Alexandria, Va., has a choice of 13 plans ranging from a low of $36.14 a month up to $107.92 per month. That's quite a disparity in premiums! Well, you're not done. Each plan has a “View Details” link that will provide you with some of that plan's finer points, plus there is a link to a .pdf file with the actual plan brochure from the provider - the “small print.”

As a comparison, the cheaper plan (Dominion Dental, HMO) has $0 deductible per person, covers 100 percent for Class A (basic) services with a $10 per patient co-pay, 56 percent for Class B (Intermediate) services plus a $10 per patient co-pay, and 40-percent co-pay for Class C (Major) services plus a $10 per patient co-pay. There is no annual maximum benefit under this plan. Finally, you can only use this plan “In Network.”

At the high end (Delta Dental, PPO), there's a $50 deductible per person, but 100-percent/90-percent coverage (In/Out Network) for Class A services, 70 percent/60 percent for Class B services, and 50 percent/40 percent for Class C services. The annual maximum benefit per person is $30,000/$3000 (In/Out).

This family also would have to choose from eight vision plans ranging from $12.76 to $28.90 per month.

By comparison, a retiree in Jacksonville, Fla., would have to choose from 11 dental plans ranging from $42.79 to $92.80 per month.

Keep in mind, these comparisons are for the 2018 plan year, which ends Dec. 31. Plan information will be updated in October, according to BENEFEDS. Sign up for your BENEFEDS account today and use their comparison tool to start researching the best plan(s) for you and your family.

Intimidated by the abundance of choices being offered? Join MOAA's financial and benefits experts, Lt. Col. Shane Ostrom, USAF (Ret), CFP®, and Capt. Paul Frost, USN (Ret), AFC®, for a detailed FEDVIP webinar on Oct. 9, 2018. Shane and Paul will demonstrate “How to Shop for a Plan” - going through the details of how to compare the different options that each plan provides. Are you more comfortable with a higher premium with lower co-pays or vice versa? Is orthodonture coverage important for your family? This webinar's registration will be available in mid-September, but you can track all MOAA Career and Education events here MOAA Events. Also, stay tuned for our Facebook Live town hall, hosted by MOAA's Health Affairs advocate Capt. Kathy Beasley, USN (Ret), FACHE, with a guest speaker from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the human resources management office. A date for the Facebook Live town hall will be announced after the 2019 plan rates are available in October.

Walter Rey

October 2018

Greetings from the Central Ohio Chapter (COC) - MOAA

This is my first submission to the State Council Website as the COC President. In asking the Council President if he had any suggestions for article subjects, he told me Chapter Presidents and Council Officers usually write about subjects not normally part of either Quarterly Reports to the Council nor subjects posted to Chapter web pages. I chose to combine two subjects which are always worth highlighting: great organizations and great people.

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame falls into the category of being a great organization. The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame was formed in 1992. It recognizes the efforts of Ohio’s distinguished men and women who have worn the uniform of our nation’s armed forces and then continued to contribute to their communities, state, and nation through exceptional acts of volunteerism, advocacy, professional distinction, public service and philanthropy. The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame includes captains of industry, professional educators, political champions and civic supporters. Honorees include some of Ohio’s most recognized citizens including astronaut Neil Armstrong, actor Paul Newman, business entrepreneur and philanthropist R. David Thomas, and surgeon and inventor Dr. Henry Heimlich. The program is not intended to focus on what Ohio military members accomplished while in uniform but rather what has occurred in their lives outside of and beyond their military service.

Now that I’ve talked a little about a great organization, I’ll talk about some really great people. A committee of veterans serves as advisor for the Hall of Fame and selects up to twenty inductees annually from nominations solicited from all citizens of Ohio throughout the year. Men and women chosen for this honor come from all eras, all branches of service, and all walks of life. The 2018 class of inductees includes another superb member of the COC. Army Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Joseph A. Machado was one of twenty selected in the 2018 class. The induction ceremony will be held on 8 November 2018. Additional information about the ceremony may be obtained from the Hall of Fame website at: www.ovhoff.com.

Joe is our most recent inductee; but prior to Joe, inductees from the COC include: John C. McCoy, Colonel, USAF (Retired); Ronald Pusatari, Colonel, USAF (Retired); and Pete Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF (Retired). We also have two Chapter members who were inducted prior to their joining our Chapter. These are Nora K. Noble, Colonel, USAF (Retired) and Cyril Sedlacko, USA & Ohio Army National Guard (Retired). In addition to these superb Veterans being recognized for their continued work after having distinguished military careers, we have two Chapter members who serve on the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Board. These two members are Pete Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF (Retired) and Victor Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel, Ohio Air National Guard.

Each person I’ve mentioned above has not only provided great service to the country while in uniform, but they live the credo of “Never Stop Serving.” They continually provide exceptional service to the COC as well as service to the numerous other organizations with which they are affiliated (and there are many).

Tommy H. Roberson
COL, USA (ret)
President, Central Ohio Chapter.

November 2018

MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters Convention
20 - 22 September 2019

Heads up to all MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters members within Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, the 2019 MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters State Convention is coming. Mark your calendars. This great event will take place 20 - 22 September 2019 at the Quality Inn Hotel Conference Center Cincinnati Blue Ash, 5901 Pfeiffer Road, Cincinnati. (just off I-71, one exit south of I-275.) I know the Greater Cincinnati Chapter is pleased to host this year’s convention and they are working hard to make it a success.

We are very fortunate to have Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins, USAF, Retired, President and CEO of MOAA as the keynote speaker at the convention dinner. COL Terri Coles, USA, Retired, Director of the MOAA Chapter will also be attending and present a program at the OCC meeting. It’ll be a great time for all and we hope you will be there to enjoy the convention with us.

The complete agenda, times and other convention information will be forth coming, so look for it at your chapters, and at the OCC website. We are about ten months out, so make your plans now. Our participation is essential for the success of the 2019 OCC Convention. The hard work of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter deserves our universal support. The success of any convention depends on the attendance of the members of that organization. Show that you care about MOAA and the Ohio Council.

See you at the 2019 MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters State Convention in Cincinnati!!

December 2018

At the last Ohio Council meeting there was much discussion and varied opinions as to how a Surviving Spouse becomes a MOAA member. Basically, the answer starts with which category of MOAA membership the deceased member (spouse) held.

Starting with the Surviving Spouse of a deceased MOAA LIFE MEMBER:

When a MOAA Life Member passes away, all of the benefits of Life Membership are passed to the Surviving Spouse! The Surviving Spouse is automatically eligible to be a Surviving Spouse Life Member of MOAA. There is NO additional cost to the Surviving Spouse Life Member. He/She has all the benefits available to all Life Members of MOAA.

NOTE: The Surviving Spouse of a Life Member has the option to become a Surviving Spouse Life Member. MOAA HQ must be notified of the Surviving Spouses desire to become a member of MOAA.

HQ MOAA suggests that the Surviving Spouses decision to join or not join be made when MOAA is notified of the member’s passing. Obviously it would make sense for the local chapter to inquire, discreetly of the Surviving Spouses intentions and report them to HQ MOAA when making the report of the members passing.

When a MOAA Premium Member passes away, the Surviving Spouse has the option to join MOAA as a Premium member by applying at the MOAA website (www.moaa.org) or calling the MOAA contact numbers ((800) 234-6622 or (703) 549-231). The Surviving Spouse Premium Member has the option of buying a one, two or three year membership, at a discounted rate.

The Surviving Spouse of a Premium Member may also join as a Life Member by paying the Life Member fee, depending on their age. They will then enjoy all the Life Membership benefits offered by MOAA.

When a MOAA Basic Member passes away, the Surviving Spouse has the option to Join MOAA as a Premium member by applying for Premium Membership and paying the Premium Membership fee (same as above). The Surviving Spouse also has the option to join as a life member by paying the applicable Life Membership fee (same as above).

Please Note: There is NO membership category known as “SURVIVING SPOUSE BASIC MEMBERSHIP”!

A major issue with the Surviving Spouse program is that most Surviving Spouses have NO idea or clue of the MOAA membership and benefits available to them as a Surviving Spouse!! MOAA members, it’s your responsibility to make sure your spouse is aware of their MOAA membership opportunities…… Don’t assume someone or something will tell them what’s available to them after you pass on!

If you should have any questions please contact me at ….libertyregion@gmail.com.

Bill Keller, CAPT, USN
Ohio Council of Chapters
Personnel Office

Last Updated: November 26th, 2018