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Chapter Officers should find this page extremely useful in that it provides quick reference to upcoming action items with helpful procedural information as provided by MOAA and OCC staff. Please check back to this page frequently!

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2023 OCC Article Schedule

Jan Legislative Update (Legislative Liaison)
Feb Ohio Council of Chapters President
Apr Greater Cincinnati Chapter
May OCC Convention Update
Jun Central Ohio Chapter (Advocacy in Action update)
Jul Dayton Area Chapter
Sep Surviving Spouse Liaison
Oct Convention Recap
Dec Greater Cleveland Chapter

Funding For Community-Focused Programs and Events

Go to  Information below.

MOAA national supports councils and chapters by providing financial backing for community-focused programs and events.

Please note you must be an affiliate (chapter or council) in good standing with MOAA national to qualify for the program. Each affiliate may rerceive one sponsorship per calendar year. Proposed events/items must be intended for the entire geographic area of the affiliate (i.e., the whole state for a council event, not just part of the state); virtual events are eligible for consideration.

Please read the instructions below before proceeding to the online submission form.

Step 1: Ensure your project or program meets these established guidelines. The money must be used for something that reaches the community at large. Some examples which would meet the spirit and intent of the program would be state council conventions; chapter events recognizing ROTC/JROTC students and enhancing relationships with those schools; recruiting events; and items such as chapter banners or table coverings to be used at outreach events. Virtual events are eligible for consideration.

Some examples which do not meet the criteria for funding support would be political or advocacy events; chapter luncheon/dinner events to offset chapter member meal costs; and direct contributions to your chapter scholarship program.

Step 2: Gather all the information you will need to complete the online form. The required information will include name and date of event, location, expected attendees, brief description of your community service project/program needs, and your council/chapter contact information. To use the sponsorship to purchase an item, you will need to provide the cost and proposed use of the item, as well as from where you intend to purchase it.  While not required, we encourage you to purchase items from the MOAA Store when available.

Step 3: Complete the form and submit. Please submit the request as soon as possible, but no later than 30 business days before the event. MOAA national will review all requests for appropriate use of funding and will contact the point of contact listed on the form via email or phone if further information is needed.

Step 4: The affiliate will be notified of approval decision within 15 business days from date of submitting the application. Funds will be transferred via electronic funds transfer within 15 business days of the decision.

Questions? Contact for more information.

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