OCC Chapters

The MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters is comprised of six regional chapters. They are listed below with their key officers:

MOAA Central Ohio Chapter

President COL Alex Bettinger (614) 257-7182
1st VP LCDR Nancy Rey, USN (740) 967-0739
2nd VP COL Jeff Collins (806) 713-4463


Ohio Western Reserve Chapter

President LTC Andrew Emanuele (330) 573-7962
1st VP BG Tom Luczynski, USA (Ret.) (330) 701-7274
2nd VP MAJ William Maki (330) 928-2735


Greater Cleveland Chapter

President COL Bart Stovicek, USA (Ret.) (216) 857-0444
1st VP
2nd VP MAJ Marc Becker, ARNG (216) 798-1936


Dayton Chapter

President LTC Tom Robisch, USA (737) 327-1388
1st VP
2nd VP MAJ Kurt Grafton (513) 409-5625


Greater Cincinnati Chapter

President CAPT William Heitbrink, PHS (319) 331-2466
1st VP 1LT Kenneth Bowman, USA
2nd VP Richard Bevington, COL, USA (513) 253-3276


Mahoning & Shenango Valleys (MSV) Chapter

President LTC Roderick Hosler, USA (330) 788-3270
1st VP CDR David Di Tallo, USN (703) 859-3523
2nd VP Florence Hosler, USN (330) 788-3270
Secretary Al Lind, USN (330) 788-3270
Treasurer Bruce Bille, USN (330) 219-2473