Surviving Spouse

Earlier this month I participated in a National MOAA webinar hosted by Shane Ostrum titled, Key Survivor Programs and Planning Actions, the focus being preparedness for the inevitable. Not only for Surviving Spouses but all spouses. To highlight the importance of the topic, there were 4000 participants on the webinar.

It is time consuming but once you get all of the information together there is a sense of peace, that you won’t be leaving your loved ones to scramble for important documents and contact information at a stressful time. And your wishes will be known as well.

MOAA has several great planning publications that have space to record information and phone numbers for DFAS and the VA as well as other military specific institutions. You can download the books or have them mailed to you. If downloaded, you can print out the pages of interest and create your own notebook.

Do not forget to record all of your electronic information as well, login info for your phone and computer to start with. Do you pay bills online? Any regular charity donations? Memberships that might roll over unless notified. Record all that as well, and any sites you subscribe to that can be notified and/or cancelled.

Both spouses should work on this, my husband doesn’t pay the bills so he’d be lost, and then give copies to your family or let them know where to find the information. We have a fireproof lockbox as well as copies for our daughter.

It isn’t the most pleasant topic but once done you can sit back and spend your children’s inheritance!

October 2021
LT Florence M. Hosler

See the links on this site or the invaluable publications from MOAA for resources and planning for Surviving Spouses.